A new way to explore daily inspiration

The eBibleLesson offers a fresh, convenient way to explore the Christian Science Quarterly Weekly Bible Lesson online. This multimedia offering lets you choose the method of spiritual study that works best for you.

You're doubtless familiar with the Weekly Bible Lesson—you may already be a subscriber to the print or audio editions. If so, you know how invaluable this study resource is for guiding your thought, enlarging your awareness of Love's embrace, bringing a stronger, deeper connection with the eternal truths of God's ever-present goodness.

The eBibleLesson enriches your study experience even further by presenting each week's Lesson in multiple formats, making it easy to connect with these cherished Scriptural insights wherever you want to be: at the kitchen table, on your morning walk or in a quiet moment at work.

The eBibleLesson enables you to:

1. Read and print PDFs of the current Bible Lesson, as well as three upcoming Lessons, using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

2. Read the current Bible Lesson within the context of Science and Health and the Bible—similar to reading from marked books.

3. Listen to and download audio (MP3) of up to four weeks of Bible Lessons. Includes enhanced version for iPod.

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