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App Information

It is free to download the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, current print subscribers get free access to the iPad edition. If you don't subscribe to the print edition you can order a digital subscription or single issues through the app.
Yes. You can get a yearly subscription for $15.99 CAD. Individual issues are also available for $3.99 CAD each. Just click the Subscribe link after you download the app.
Yes. Current print subscribers can access iPad editions for free. Just tap the "Print Subscribers Get Access" button and follow the instructions.
We’re sorry, but access for subscribers to the print edition is available only to subscribers in Canada at this time. However, you can order a digital subscription or single issues through iTunes.
Everything that is in the print magazine is also in the app.
It is available for the iPad or iPad Mini.
Not automatically, but you will receive a notification when each new issue becomes available. If you have subscribed through iTunes or are a registered print subscriber taking advantage of your free trial, you can download it immediately. If not, you can choose to purchase and download the individual issue.
An average issue will now take up between 100 and 150 megabytes. With a good WiFi connection, it should take only a few minutes to download.
Yes. After an issue has been downloaded. Go to the Menu, top left corner, and tap on the "Manage Issues" option. Then tap on any issue you wish to archive. A pop-up box will display and provide you the option to archive. After archive, simply tap on the cover image to download the issue again for viewing.
You can re-download it for free at any time. Simply click the Download button that will be displayed next to the issue in your library after you archive it.
If you subscribed through iTunes, your subscription will renew automatically each month (for monthly subscribers) or each year (for annual subscribers) unless you take action to cancel it. To do so, open the "Settings" app on your iPad and select “Store.” Tap on your Apple ID and select “View Apple ID.” Once your account information appears, scroll down to "Manage App Subscriptions." Here you can turn your subscriptions off and on.
No. There are currently no share features available.


No, but it will allow you to use your email address and a unique password for future login. After registration you can sign in with your email address and the unique password rather than using your subscriber account number and postal code.
As indicated in the image below, the account number is on the second line from the top of your mailing label. It has 10 digits. Account Number Guide
Confirm that you have installed the latest update for the app, confirm that your sign in credentials are correct (account number & postal code OR registered email and password) and confirm that you have a WiFi connection. Attempt to login again. If you still have an issue, please email us at and provide the following details:

Your Account Number
What iPad version you are using
What version of iOS you are running on your device
Confirm your WiFi connection
If you are a print subscriber taking advantage of your free subscription, the postal code on your print subscription account will always be your password. If you have previously registered your account information, please tap on the "Forgot Password" link found in the sign in window. If you subscribed through iTunes you should automatically be logged in when you launch the app and not need to enter a username or password. However, there are some functions, such as Restoring Purchases, that will require you to enter your iTunes password and you will be prompted accordingly. Please reach out to iTunes customer service for password issues related to the iTunes app.
First, open the menu at the top left corner. If "Print Subscriber Access" is the first option in the top of your menu, click it and log in. If the first option is "Log Out", click it to log out then log back in under "Print Subscriber Access". If the issues still have a price next to them, try restoring your purchases by selecting "Restore Purchases" from the drop down menu. You will be prompted to enter your iTunes password. Then click Restore when prompted.You would need to reach out to iTunes if you have password issues related to the iTunes app.

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