Frequently Asked Questions about Dwell's Digital Version

Dwell Digital Edition

With Dwell's digital edition, powered by Zinio, you'll receive the exact content of our printed magazine digitally. You'll enjoy the benefits of faster delivery, enhanced viewing features and the ability to digitally archive your issues.

Is the digital version the same content as the print version of Dwell?

Yes, the digital version of Dwell offers the exact content, presented in the same order and style as our print issues of Dwell. We strive to maintain the same satisfying and high quality Dwell experience digitally, with the help of our partner Zinio. In addition to the same content, you have the benefits of search tools, zoom and highlight options, and links to external references.

What software is required to view the Dwell Digital Edition?

Zinio provides a variety of options for reading your issues:
  1. You can read Dwell on your iPad, iPhone, Android Table or Android mobile device. You can find information about downloading the Zinio reader software at the following link:
  2. You can read your issue online without downloading any special software. Simply go to, click on "My Library," and login.
  3. You can download the Zinio reader software for your Mac, PC, or Linux computer. Go to the following link for more information:

How will I get my first issue of Dwell in Digital format?

After you order your subscription using one of our online forms, you will receive a link to obtain your first issue on the order confirmation page. Simply follow that link, go to the Zinio site, and follow the instructions to create an account and login. If you are already a Zinio customer, you can use your existing account.

Should you have any problems accessing the app for your device, please visit Zinio's help page at

How will I receive my digital issues of Dwell?

When each issue of Dwell is available, it will automatically be added to your library on whatever Zinio reader you use. You will also receive a notification email that it's ready to download via the Zinio Reader.

Does reading the Dwell Digital Edition require internet access?

No, once the issue is downloaded onto your computer or mobile device, you can access it without internet access. However, downloading the issues does require an internet connection.

Is the Dwell Digital Edition more expensive?

No, the Digital Edition costs the same as a print subscription within the US. Canadian and International subscribers can save money by choosing the Digital Version because there is no surcharge for international postage. With the Digital Version, they pay the same price as US subscribers.

Can I buy single issues of Dwell digitally?

Yes, you can purchase current or back issues of Dwell's digital edition through Zinio. Visit for their digital newsstand.

What if I have a print subscription, but want to switch to the digital edition? Or vice versa?

Please email your request to:

For further questions about our print subscriptions, visit our Print FAQ here:

For further technical information and system requirements, visit Zinio's FAQ at: