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Or ensure your pay is fair.

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Equipping boards and leadership with the clarity needed to fulfill their calling

  1. • Informed decision-making
  2. • Confidence in following standards
  3. • Validation of pay practices

Providing church staff with the confidence to pursue their calling

  1. • Affirms your value
  2. • Gives you clarity of your situation
  3. • Validation of pay practices

Personalized Reporting

Gives you data for your specific role. Create a report with your information—so you can see how you compare to peers in similar situations.

Cost of Living and Median Household Income

Generates relevant data for up to two locations. Compare job offers by locale—so you’re best informed on whether an offer is right for you.

Archived Reports

Save and manage multiple reports. Go back and look at previous reports or compare saved reports with each other.

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