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Account status

Account status provides details about your subscription account, such as your name and mailing address, email address, start and expiration issues, whether your payment has been received, and more. View your account.

If you feel there is an error with the information found on your account status page, you can email us.

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Change of address

You can change your address easily online. Have your magazine label handy for reference when accessing your account.

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Change of email address

You can quickly and easily change your email address online so you won't miss any subscription notices via email.

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You can safely and conveniently pay your bill online using your credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner's Club. Checks and money orders may be mailed to:

PO Box 6093
Harlan, IA 51593

If you're a new subscriber, your bill will arrive in approximately two weeks after we process your subscription order. Your prompt payment will ensure that your subscription continues without interruption.

Check your payment status online. If you have already paid your bill, keep in mind that occasionally bills and payments cross in the mail. Please allow up to two weeks for your payment to be processed and applied to your account.

If you purchased your subscription through one of our authorized agents, payment should be made as directed in their billing notices.

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Renewing your subscription is just a click away. Your renewal order will be added to the end of your current subscription and your mailing label will reflect your new expiration date.

We will contact you well in advance of your subscription expiration date by mail or email so that you will not miss any future issues. If you feel that you have missed renewal notices or have recently moved, be sure to change your address.

You may request to renew your subscription by mailing your order to:

P.O. Box 6094
Harlan, IA 51593

Renewal orders should be received at least 8 weeks prior to subscription expiration to assure your magazine will be delivered without an interruption in service.

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Temporary delivery suspension

If you would like to temporarily stop your subscription for any reason, you can provide online the dates you want your service to be suspended and resumed.

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Switch to digital edition

Issues remaining in your print subscription may be transferred to the Zinio digital platform at no additional cost. Log into your print subscription account to submit your transfer request. You will receive an email notification from Zinio when your first issue is available.

To access your digital issues in the iPad, download the Zinio App from the iTunes App Store. If you do not already have an account with Zinio, register by using the same email address associated with your print subscription account. For additional information, visit Zinio Support.

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Promotional offers sent by mail

Occasionally, we make our subscriber list available to companies that sell goods and services by mail that we believe would interest our readers. Many of our subscribers enjoy the opportunity to shop for merchandise or to take advantage of special offers and events. If you prefer to be excluded from such mailings, please send your current mailing label to:

Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 6000
Harlan, IA 51593

Or log into your account to send us your request online.

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Promotional offers sent by email

From time to time we may send you promotional materials on behalf of Hearst and/or other companies. If you prefer not to receive these email promotions, you may follow the unsubscribe instructions in the email or manage your preferences here.

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Subscription email notices

Email is the most cost effective and convenient way for us to notify you with important announcements related to your subscription. To add/update your email address or to opt-in or opt-out of these notifications, please click here (you may be prompted to log in your magazine subscriber account if you have not already done so).

If you would like to control what other types of editorial or promotional emails we send to you, click here.

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You may cancel your subscription online, or write "cancel" on your invoice. A refund will be issued for all the remaining copies that haven't been mailed at the time of the cancellation. Please disregard any bills you may receive after canceling your subscription, and accept any issues already in the mail with our compliments.

If you purchased your subscription via an agency, direct your refund request to the agent.

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Late or missed issues

Your first issue arrives 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of your subscription order. Esquire is published 10 times a year, with combined January/February and June/July issues. Each issue will arrive as early as the middle of the previous month of the current issue date or possibly the end of the first week of the issue date. For example, if you are waiting to receive your April issue, you might receive it by mid March or not until April 4th.

If it doesn’t, we may have an incorrect address on file or we may not have received your payment. Log into your account to verify if your name and address are correct before contacting us. Other factors that may cause a missed issue are:

  • A recent change of address
  • Your subscription has expired or has not yet started
  • Postal delivery delays due to severe weather or your request for unscented issues

If none of the above applies, you can report the missed issue online. We will extend your subscription to compensate for the missed issue.

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Damaged issues

If your issue frequently arrives damaged and your mailbox is sufficiently sized, check with the post office to determine that your magazine arrives there in good condition. You can file a complaint with your post office by requesting a postal tracking or Electronic Publication Watch. If this is an isolated event, you can report a damaged issue online. We will extend your subscription to compensate for the damaged issue.

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Duplicate issues

If you are receiving duplicate copies it is possible you have two active accounts. Please locate the account number on each issue mailing label and email us your request, including both account numbers and indicating which one you would like to retain. We will combine both subscriptions into one and extend service accordingly. Your new expiration date will appear on your magazine mailing label.

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Scent-free issues

You may request that your subscription issues are sent without any of the scent strips often used by fragrance advertisers. Log in to your account to send your request online.

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Continuous Service Guarantee

Our Continuous Service program takes all the hassle out of renewing your magazine subscription. It avoids service interruption by automatically renewing your subscription at the best available rate. The program terms were stated in your original order offer. At least three months before your subscription ends, we'll send you a notification by mail that your subscription is due for renewal. If you choose not to renew, simply write "cancel" on your notice and return it to us: No Questions Asked! Otherwise, your automatic renewal order will be entered and a bill issued. Your payment will guarantee uninterrupted service until the new expiration date of your renewed subscription, which will be printed on your magazine mailing label.

If you received a bill for your continuous service renewal, pay now to continue to enjoy your magazine without interruption.

If you prefer to receive traditional renewal notices instead of being enrolled in our Continuous Service program, you can change your Continuous Service option at any time.

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Print edition, pricing and how to order

Subscription rates offer at least 85% savings off our newsstand prices! Esquire is US$8.00 for one year in the U.S. Subscribe now to take advantage of this opportunity!

Placing your subscription order online at great introductory rates is fast and easy. You can also mail your order to:

P.O. Box 6000
Harlan, IA 51593

Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Canadian and International subscribers will be charged an additional $5.00 and $20.00, respectively, per year for shipping.

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Gift Subscriptions

Placing your gift subscription order online at great introductory rates is fast and easy. You can also mail your order to:

P.O. Box 6000
Harlan, IA 51593

Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Canadian and International subscribers will be charged an additional $11 and $20, respectively, per year for shipping.

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Digital edition, pricing and how to order

Esquire is digitally reimagined to suit your tablet, including all the editorial content and advertising found in the print version of the magazine. The subscription rate is US$19.99 for one year and $1.99 per month. Sales tax will be charged where applicable.

To learn about supported platforms and devices, visit

Not all of the platforms can support the same level of enhancement or interactivity, which may result in content variations. Some apps are a reproduction of the print edition, while others are enhanced with simple features such as animation, or richly optimized with multimedia and interactivity.

Below is a comparison of the Esquire app content across leading vendor platforms. A Replica is a carbon copy of the print edition, featuring the same layout, text, articles, photos, and advertisements. An Enhanced version includes redesigned pages, video and audio extras, rotating product views, active hyperlinks, and interactivity.

Barnes & Noble
Next Issue

A print subscription does not ordinarily include free access to the digital edition. However, we may periodically promote limited-time offers for print subscriptions that include access to the digital edition for free or at a discounted price.

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Magazine frequency & delivery

Esquire is published 10 times a year and is on sale at newsstands generally two weeks prior to the issue cover date. For example, the November issue goes on sale by mid-October.

For subscriptions, your first magazine issue should arrive within 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of your order. If it has been longer than 6 weeks, you can email us. For delivery outside the United States, please allow 6 to 9 weeks for service to begin.

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Digital back issues

You may purchase copies of current and previous digital issues of Esquire at the App Store, or from Zinio supports iPad, iPhone, Android, PC/MAC and Windows 8 devices using the Zinio app.

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Premiums/Free gifts

If your subscription offer includes a free gift and states that shipment of the gift is subject to payment of your order, your gift is usually mailed four to six weeks after payment is received. If you have already sent your payment, check your account to see if the payment has been received and credited to your account. If you would like to pay with your credit card, you can securely pay your bill online.

If your free gift does not require payment, please allow four to six weeks for delivery after receipt of your order.

If we are out of stock, we will gladly send you a gift that is of equal or greater value.

Downloadable premiums are only offered to those subscribers who have paid in full. If your subscription order included a free downloadable premium and you cannot retrieve it after we received your payment, you can email us.

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Gift cards

Non-holiday gift cards are mailed to recipients two to four weeks after the order is processed. Upon request, gift cards will be sent to the donor instead. Donors may also instruct us not to send a gift card at all.

Holiday gift cards are included with the order acknowledgment and mailed to donors between July 1 and November 30. From December 1 to June 30, holiday gift cards are mailed directly to the recipients.

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Online Security

It is quick, easy and safe to place orders and conduct bill payment transactions online. Hearst Magazines uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for all online transactions. SSL encrypts your personal information such as name, address and credit card number in an effort to prevent unauthorized access of this information during the transmission of your online order. You can confirm this by checking that the web address on the page that asks for your credit card information begins with "https:" instead of "http:" Other ways to tell whether a web site uses security software: Your browser displays the icon of a locked padlock or unbroken key at the bottom of the screen or status bar.

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Permissions and article reprints

Esquire is fully protected by copyright and nothing that appears in it may be reprinted wholly or in part without permission. For inquiries on reprints, you can contact us in writing at:

Keith Williams
Esquire Reprints
PARS International Corp.
253 West 35th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-221-9595 ext. 319

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About Hearst Magazines

Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation, is one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines, with 21 U.S. titles and more than 300 international editions. Hearst Magazines Digital Media, dedicated to creating and implementing Hearst Magazines' digital strategy, has more than 28 websites and 10 mobile sites for brands such as Cosmopolitan, Popular Mechanics, ELLE, ELLE DÉCOR, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire and Seventeen, as well as digital-only sites such as, a food site in partnership with MSN;;; and Hearst Magazines has published more than 85 applications and digital editions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as the Droid platform. In addition, the company includes iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency.

View a complete list of all U.S. magazines offered.

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Big Black Book

The Big Black Book is the style manual for successful men, and with each issue, we aim to give our readers information, advice, and instruction on how they can live with style. The Spring and Fall editions are filled with products, people, and places, including:

  • The Essentials: Suits for each season, shoes for work and weekend, watches for every occasion, cars for the discerning driver, and vacations for the restless traveler. But first: some cocktails.
  • The Information: A concise how-to guide for life, including: how to care for your most valuable possession; your body; the art and science of putting your best foot forward; a user’s manual for the sun; and wisdom from an extremely well dressed golfer.
  • The Resources: An insider’s guide to the best barbers, cobblers, and all-purpose neck savers on the most stylish street in the world.

You may place your order online for just the Spring 2014 issue of the Big Black Book, or both the Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 issues at great savings off the newsstand cover price. In 2014, the Spring issue will be on sale on April 8, and the Fall issue will hit newsstands on September 30.

You may also experience a highly interactive digital edition of the Big Black Book on the iPad for $4.99 (free for current subscribers to the iPad digital edition of Esquire). Download the updated version of the Esquire Magazine app from the App Store, where you will find the offer for the Big Black Book in the Specials section of the app.

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Unable to access account information

It is important that you enter your name and address exactly as they appear on your mailing label. Be sure you have not typed the letter "O" instead of the number "0" (zero) or the letter "L" instead of the number "1" (one).

International subscribers may have difficulty accessing their account this way due to the variety of formats that foreign addresses may be stored in our database. Refer to your magazine mailing label and use your account number (the ten-digit number located on the second line right after the letters ESQ) to login. Your account number can also be found on all your renewal notices.

If you are still unable to locate your account, you can email us for assistance. We will verify your account number for future reference.

Mailing label

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Cannot accept online renewal

You may not be able to renew your subscription online if either:

a) You are enrolled in our Continuous Service program, or
b) We have not received payment for your current subscription.

Our Continuous Service program is designed to avoid interruption in service by guaranteeing that subscribers do not miss an issue. Prior to the end of your subscription term, a notice is sent to enrolled subscribers informing them that their subscription will be renewed automatically. This notice is followed by an invoice for the discounted renewal rate then in effect.

If you have received such notice, you can conveniently pay your bill online.

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Cannot accept online payment

We may be unable to process your online payment if you subscribed through an agent, in which case the agent will handle your billing matters. Please submit your payment as instructed on the agency's invoice or contact the agent directly for more information.

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Contact the Editor

We love hearing from you! If you have comments or inquiries about our features and editorial content, you can write to the editors at:

Editorial Offices
300 W 57th St
21st Floor
New York, NY 10019

Or email us at

Or fax to 212-649-4305.

Note: editors can not help you with your subscription. Visit our subscription customer service center for assistance.

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Advertising information

Online Advertising

Print Advertising

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Sweepstakes subscription orders

Hearst Magazines often promotes exciting sweepstakes on their websites. Although no purchase is necessary to enter or win, we hope that if you did submit an order with your entry, you enjoy many hours reading Esquire magazine. However, if you accidentally submitted a subscription order while entering a sweepstakes and wish to cancel, allow 24 hours for your order to apply to our system before submitting your cancellation. The Account Summary page will indicate if your order has applied.

Log into your account (you can use the email address/zip code or name/mailing address option if you don't have your account number yet) and if your sweepstakes order has applied, choose "Cancel Subscription" from the menu options on the left side of the screen. You will be instructed how to cancel your most recent order. A confirmation page will be displayed to confirm your cancellation. Regardless of your decision, your sweepstakes entry will be retained.

Disregard any electronic or paper bills you may receive, as they were probably issued prior to your cancellation taking effect.

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Contact Customer Service

You may write to us at:

P.O. Box 6000
Harlan, IA 51593

Or email us.

We will do our best to help! Be sure to provide detailed information about your account and problem so that Customer Service can best assist you.

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Digital help for the iPad

• Difference between iPad edition and the print version
Esquire for the iPad is an enhanced digital version of the magazine. It includes redesigned pages, video and audio extras, and interactivity.

• Purchasing and receiving digital issues
To access single issues or a digital subscription to Esquire, first download the Esquire free app from the iTunes App Store. The app consists of a free library in which you can subscribe to the magazine, or buy and manage individual issues.

The installed app will appear on the Apple Newsstand, a folder which provides easy access to app subscriptions, automatically updates them in the background when new issues are released, and includes a built-in store for purchasing subscriptions. Only purchased titles are displayed individually on the Newsstand virtual bookshelf.

Make sure that Automatic Downloads is set to ´On´ in the Settings for the Store. If you are on the older Apple iOS4 operating system, you will still get a notification about the new issue, but it is necessary for you to download new issues manually as they become available.

A subscription does not include access to any issues made available before you subscribed.

Purchased issues do not expire. They can be stored in the My Library section of the app. Archiving your issues allows you to download them again at any time without being charged.

• Print edition and access to the digital edition
A print subscription typically does not include free access to the digital edition. However, periodically, limited-time offers are promoted for print subscriptions including access to the digital edition for free or a low additional charge.

• Transferring your print subscription to the digital edition
Issues remaining in your print subscription may be transferred to the Zinio digital version at no additional cost. Log into your print subscription account to submit your transfer request. You will receive an email notification from Zinio when your first issue is available.

To access your digital issues in the iPad, download the Zinio App from the iTunes App Store. If you do not already have an account with Zinio, register by using the same email address associated with your print subscription account. For additional information, visit Zinio Support for the iPad.

• Transferring subscription to another device
You may access your purchased issues or subscription on up to six devices running the Esquire app if you are signed into the same iTunes account. Download the app in each device, and then hit the "Missing Issues" link.

• Cannot locate purchased or previously downloaded issue
If the issues you have purchased are not listed in your Library, first make sure you are on the same iTunes account used when you purchased the issues. Then tap the red "Missing Issues?" link located in the My Library section of the app. Follow the prompts until your subscription or previously purchased issues are restored. If that does not work, let us know at Do not attempt to purchase the issue - you will be charged again! If you have recently upgraded or reinstalled your app, you will have to go through this process to remind the app that you are a subscriber.

• App keeps crashing
Restarting the app will typically resolve this problem. If not, delete and re-install the app. You will never have to pay again for something you have already purchased, as long as you are on the same account. On reinstall, you will see a box asking if you wish to restore all purchases, press "Yes". If you miss that box, tap "Missing Issues" in the Library list to get back access to all previously purchased issues and subscriptions. If you are running iOS5 or later, you can send us crash reports by doing this: Go to your iPad's Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Automatically Send. Contact for assistance.

• Issue taking too long to download
Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. The issues will not download with a 3G connection. If there are other devices currently on your Wi-Fi connection, consider disabling them temporarily until the issues are downloaded. If possible, move your iPad closer to the router. This will ensure that the strongest possible connection is enabled. Check to see if there are any other downloads in progress on your iPad. If there are, wait until they have completed before downloading the issues.

• Deleting or archiving an issue
In your Library list, tap the "Archive" button to the right the issue you want to delete. This action will remove the issue from active storage on your device. At any time, you can download the issue again later at no charge.

• Unsubscribe to the digital edition
To end your subscription, follow these steps:

1. Go into the Settings app on your iPad
2. Tap the Store button in the left column, and then your Apple ID email address
3. Click on View Apple ID and enter your password
4. Under the Subscriptions section, tap "Manage"
5. Tap the magazine you want to unsubscribe
6. Switch the Auto-Renewal from ON to OFF

By doing this, your subscription will no longer auto-renew and you will not be charged again. Note that iTunes does not offer refunds for subscriptions. Additionally, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period.

• Canceling your subscription or getting a refund
Hearst cannot refund purchases made from the Apple iTunes Store. Apple does not allow for cancellation of an active subscription. Contact the Apple iTunes Store with your request.

• Billing inquiries
Contact Apple with any billing inquiries. Apple does not share any billing or customer information with Esquire, and all charges to your account are managed solely by Apple. Esquire does not have the ability to look at your purchase history or credit your account.

• Additional help
For additional assistance with your magazine app, email or visit iTunes Support. In your email, provide as many details as possible, and be sure to answer the following questions:

* Are you using an iPad 1, iPad 2, or iPad 3?
* What version of the app are you using?
* What version of iOS are you using? (Find out by going to Settings on your iPad and selecting the General option.)
* Did you have any apps running in the background when you first encountered the problem? If so, which ones? (Find out by tapping the "Home" button twice quickly to reveal your running apps in the tray at the bottom of the screen.)
* How strong is your Wi-Fi connection? (New issues cannot download with a 3G connection.)

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