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As the coronavirus situation evolves, we want to assure you that we intend to print and deliver the magazine to you each week to the best of our ability. If you are experiencing delays, we appreciate your patience.

To ensure you stay informed during this time, please use our self-service portal if you would like to switch to receiving our digital edition during this time. Digital delivery guarantees that your magazine will arrive each Thursday night via email.

India Subscribers

In view of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the India Post has advised that due to the suspension of air services, and various other extraordinary measures taken by the Government of India, India Post has suspended all international mail exchanges until further notice. Your magazines are currently being sent to our carrier and held until the flight situation changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Print Edition Answers to common questions about our print edition subscriptions are below. If you need additional information, please email us at contactus@bloombergsupport.com or call our customer support center at 833-850-4950

General Information

If you know the exact date of an issue you desire, you can buy it from our single-copy department for $9.95.

NOTE: Copies are available for the past six months only

Contact: Single Copy Sales
Hours of operation: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm ET
Phone: 1-800-298-9867
Fax: 1-715-246-4366

E-mail: busweek@nrmsinc.com
You must supply the following information:
Exact date of issue
Your name
Mailing address
Bloomberg Businessweek is fully protected by copyright and nothing that appears in it may be reprinted wholly or in part without permission:

To obtain photocopying permission, please contact:
The Copyright Clearance Center
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Danvers, MA 01923

Tel: (978) 750-8400
Fax: (978) 750-4470

Web: www.copyright.com
To order custom reprints (minimum order of 500), please email businessweekreprints@theygsgroup.com or call The YGS Group at 1-800-360-5549, extension 130. http://www.theygsgroup.com/
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Bloomberg LP's Federal ID number is: 13-3417984.
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Your Subscription Account

Using your account number, you can change your delivery address online in Bloomberg Businessweek's online Customer Care area. To verify that you are a subscriber you will be required to enter your subscriber account number found on the magazine mailing label. Please contact us at least 3-4 weeks before you need the change to take effect. That way, we can help ensure that you won't miss any issues.
You should expect to receive your first issue in approximately 3-4 weeks from the time we receive your order.
Your unique 10-digit customer account number is located in the upper portion of your mailing label as highlighted below. Your account number will also appear on invoices and renewal reminders.

North America

Your subscription expiration date (the month and year) appears on your mailing label.

North America

You can verify the order invoiced and your account balance when you check your account status online in Bloomberg Businessweek's online Customer Care area. If there is an amount due on your account, you may pay your invoice online in the Customer Care area. To verify that you are a subscriber you will be required to enter your subscriber account number found on the magazine mailing label. Your prompt payment will ensure that your subscription continues without interruption. If you already paid your invoice, keep in mind that occasionally bills and payments cross in the mail. Please allow up to two weeks for your payment to be processed and applied to your account. If you have further questions about billing and payment procedures, or if it has been more than two weeks since you remitted your payment, please Contact Customer Service. Checks and money orders may be mailed to:
Bloomberg Businessweek
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Issues leave our printing plants early each Thursday morning. However, occasionally production, transportation, the postal system, or bad weather may delay delivery. Your magazine is not considered late/missed unless it arrives after the Wednesday of the week printed on the top right side of the cover. You can Report a Missing or Damaged Copy at the Manage Your Account area. In order to identify your account and serve you better, you will be required to enter your subscriber account number found on the magazine mailing label. If your magazine arrives late frequently, please Contact Customer Service.
Perhaps you will be away on business or pleasure for a period of time and you want to temporarily stop delivery of your magazine and resume it at a later date. You can Suspend Delivery of Your Magazine at the Manage Your Account area. To verify that you are a subscriber you will be required to enter your subscriber account number found on the magazine mailing label. Please submit the request 4 weeks in advance.
We would like to hear from you if you're not satisfied with Bloomberg Businessweek, for any reason. We hope you will reconsider your decision to cancel or let us try to correct any problems you're experiencing. But if you do need to cancel, using your account number to access your subscription in Bloomberg Businessweek's online Customer Care area you can cancel your subscription. You can also please submit your request with your name, address, and subscriber account number using the Contact Customer Service form. A refund will be issued for all the remaining copies that haven't been mailed at the time of the cancellation. Please disregard any bills you may receive after canceling your subscription. If you purchased your subscription via an agency, direct your refund request to the agent.
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Our Continuous Service program makes the renewal of your magazine subscription hassle-free. It avoids subscription interruption by automatically renewing your subscription. Your subscription will continue until you tell us to stop. Before each term of service you'll receive a reminder notice for the low renewal rate then in effect. You can cancel at any time and receive a refund on all unmailed issues. If you prefer to receive traditional renewal notices instead of being enrolled in our Continuous Service program, you can Change Your Automatic Renewal in the customer care area.
Bloomberg Businessweek's Money-Back Guarantee: If you should ever choose to cancel your subscription, you'll receive a full refund on all unmailed issues. That is our promise and your privelege.
Bloomberg Businessweek publishes weekly, except when combined issues are published that count as two issue, and when an additional special issue may be published.

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